Goose Creek Manor

an assisted living facility

Goose Creek manor provides compassionate assisted living services that allows our residents to live happy and productive lives while having direct access to assistance, when needed. We do assisted living with a community-first approach. Our residents enjoy expert care, a home-like varied culinary experience, and a wide host of projects, activities, and skill-development opportunities.

We believe in providing our residents with a familiar homelike environment and a nourishing community of like-minded individuals. We cultivate a warm, inviting environment by focusing on living first. We provide nutritious appetizing food, nicely furnished rooms, and comfortable sleeping arrangements. 

Everyone needs alone time, so we believe in providing necessary privacy as well as engaging our residents in a host of group activities.  

We want our residents to live with dignity, security, and comfort. Above all, we strive to cultivate a sense of belonging.

We believe in building trust through reliable service, and we look forward to you joining our community.


Goose Creek Manor is part of the STAR Capital network.